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OberonHAP Simplifies HomeKit Enablement for Home Accessory Manufacturers with HomeKit SDK for Linux

February 28, 2017 Oberon microsystems, Inc., an independent provider of HomeKit software for low-power hardware, has introduced the OberonHAP Linux Ethernet HomeKit SDK. Apple HomeKit technology is an IoT framework for the home. HomeKit, and the Home app introduced in iOS 10, make it possible for a user to control home automation devices – from multiple vendors – so that they work together seamlessly without having to frequently switch between vendor-specific apps.

OberonHAP HomeKit SDK makes it easy for home accessory manufacturers and systems integrators to add HomeKit support to their Linux-based accessories such as thermostats, window blinds, door locks, security systems and sensors.

OberonHAP supports Raspberry Pi as an easily accessible reference platform for evaluation purposes, provides an easy-to-use API, and is easily integrated into any modern Linux target system. Availability of the complete source code simplifies development of HomeKit accessories.

“Our goal is to provide the best HomeKit implementation for any device, from the smallest battery-powered sensors to powerful HomeKit bridges” says Cuno Pfister, managing director of Oberon microsystems. “After our super fast and super small HomeKit implementation for BLE SoCs like the Nordic Semiconductor nRF52, we now have set a new benchmark regarding ease of development with our new Linux HomeKit SDK”.

The OberonHAP Linux Ethernet HomeKit SDK is immediately available to verified Apple MFi licensees.

For more information, please see the OberonHAP Web site.